The vision of the Healing Festival is to inspire growth and connect with your own power.


What fulfills us, what we offer and what we built on.




Sacred Feminine Energy

Waking up energy, healing traumas, freeing creativity, exposing talents, promoting authentic self-expression - that's the breath of this festival. Fly with us on the wings of the sacred feminine energy and let yourself be brought to the ecstatic heights of the universe but with firm roots in Mother Earth.


Feminine energy is an attribute of not only women but also men. It is the energy of creation, the energy of life. The woman revives and opens up the world of emotions and feelings, the world of love in her authenticity and genuineness. Therefore, healing female energy and restoring creativity in every woman is so important. It is the way to a happy life and the creation of the world in which we want to live.


Healing Festival 2019: Sacred Feminine Energy is the path of transformation that inspires us. We joined the wave of awareness and healing of the female energy that now flows through the world, as well as a large number of both men and female therapists, shamans, healers, and teachers.


The pillars of our activity are the transformation of consciousness, the authenticity of each individual, joint development and mutual support. One of the key values is our environment and the environmental impact of our festival. Therefore, throughout the event, we approach waste management responsibly and, above all, prevent waste occurrence. Our goal is to introduce a trend for waste-free festivals that should become an obvious standard. We are actively and together with you changing the paradigms that bind both the individual potential of the individual and all humanity. So we move for the better, little by little.


We want to contribute to the evolution of consciousness by this festival, which will make many people's path to inner freedom and the opening of their personal potential and strength.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your Healing Team

HEALING FESTIVAL: Posvátná ženská energie 2019