Are you interested in the vision and mission of the Healing Festival and want to express support, be there and become a Healing Volunteer? Volunteers are one of the key parts of the Healing Festival, without which the event could not even be organized. We appreciate your willingness to help and look forward to working together. As a Healing Volunteer, you will become part of the organizational team of the entire Healing Festival and a specific team that will be in charge of certain activities before, during and after the festival. Also let your friends know and sign up together. At the Healing Festival you will gain a lot of new and valuable experience, meet new friends and experience the Healing atmosphere behind the scenes and become part of the Healing community. Every volunteer at the festival will get a free ticket for the entire event and accommodation in a tent town free of charge. We will inform each of you who will submit the application about the outcome of the selection process and the details of volunteering within the Healing Festival.


Are you interested in the vision and mission of the Healing Festival and want to express support and become a festival partner? We offer you three ways to contribute to the Healing Festival, to promote the awakening of female energy and to spread the vision of the festival. If you wish to support the Healing Festival, write to us, we will contact you and we will be happy to explain and arrange everything. Thank you very much for supporting us, thanks to you, the Healing Festival can be realized.


For your support of the Healing Festival, with your permission, we would like to thank you with 1 free ticket, placing your logo on the festival web, article about you and your activities on the festival Facebook, photo of your products on instagram and placing your banner on the festival grounds.



For your support of the Healing Festival, with your permission, we would like to thank you with 2 free tickets, web sharing and social networking, a banner on the premises, a thank you on the main stage during the festival and 2 free tickets for special dinner with the lecturers during the festival.




Are you interested in the vision of the festival so much that you want to be the patron of the Healing Festival? We highly appreciate your support.

Please let us know, we will be honored to discuss the terms of the partnership personally when meeting you.


Do you have an attractive product, produce delicious vege / vegan / raw dishes and beverages, or provide pampering services?

Have your stand at the HEALING FESTIVAL and share your work with visitors.

Contact us please, we will get in touch with you.

Point of Sales Prices:

Small sale 3500,-

Services 4500,-

Food and Beverages 5500,-

Price includes:

- rental of a point of sale for own stand up to 3 m,

- 1 free ticket for festival vendor.

Price does not include:

- stand, accommodation, additional festival tickets (available for purchase for 1500, -).

HEALING FESTIVAL: Posvátná ženská energie 2019